General Proposal Format

Your fiction proposal document should be in the following format:

  • Times New Roman
  • Black Font
  • 12 pt
  • Microsoft Word 
  • Single-spaced

Sections to be included in your proposal are:

  • Author Contact Info
  • Manuscript Details
  • Novel Summary
  • Market Analysis
  • Author Bio
  • Synopsis
  • Manuscript


Author Contact Information

  • Authors name(s): 
  • E-mail: 
  • Phone: 
  • Address: 

Manuscript Details to Include

  • Working title of the novel: 
  • Genre 
  • Anticipated word count: 
  • Anticipated date of completion:

Novel Summary
Summarize your book in one page or less.

  • What is your book about? Writers often call this the elevator pitch. Imagine you step into an elevator and find yourself face-to-face with a well-known editor—you have less than three minutes to sell your book idea before he or she steps off and the doors close.
  • What is the premise of your book?
  • What will the reader take away?

Market Analysis and Marketing Strategies

  • Who is your audience?  Tip: no book is for “all” women, men, etc. What are the demographics of your audience?Think seriously about the exact demographic that would pick your book off the shelf and pay for it. Narrow your focus. Analyze who would read and benefit from your book. For example, avoid statements like “My book is for women of all ages.” Instead, think like this: “My book is for young-adult women who like to read romantic historical fiction.”
  • What will you do to market your book?
  • How would you use the Internet and social media for marketing?
  • What types of promotional ideas do you have for your novel?
  • What similar books in your genre are already on the market? Check out and read the blurbs about similar books. Select five or six competitive books, give a two or three sentence description of each one, and tell how your book differs.
  • What need does your book meet that the others don’t?

Author Bio

  • Why are you the one to write this book?
  • What are your credentials? Include activities that would help with marketing—for example, if you are a speaker, how often do you speak? 
  • What size is the average audience? List professional and writing organizations you belong to.


Synopsis of Your Story

This five to six page synopsis should show your plot lines and character development in greater depth than your one-page summary. You may present this information in a paragraph for each chapter or in an outline form.

The Manuscript

Full manuscript (if complete)
First fifty pages (if not complete)
12-point font
Times New Roman


Submit your proposal to Taberah Press

  • E-submissions only
  • Email cover letter
  • Proposal Attached – Microsoft Word

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