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A Traditional Publisher Making the Message a Priority


Taberah Press proudly announces the publication of another great work of fiction – Escape to Vindor by Emily Golus!

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The History of Taberah Press


In 2011, Sonfire Media launched its fiction imprint, Taberah Press. Their first novel, Something Stirs by Thomas Smith came out that year.  Two years later, they published MB Dahl’s debut novel, Through the Balustrade

With several great non-fiction titles to publish, Sonfire focused efforts toward those wonderful books, until 2015 when they decided to add a new team member to work specifically with their fiction line. They invited their former author, MB Dahl to be Taberah’s acquisitions editor. 

Now, after nearly two years of planning and searching, the Sonfire/Taberah team is excited to announce the 2017 publication of two speculative novels. We will be sharing more about those in the days to come.

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