5 Signs You Might be a Writer


One of the worst things a writer can do is waste time wondering if he should write.


A WriterOne question plagues new writers probably longer than it should.

Does it stem from insecurity?


Or a simple desire for purpose?

Those questions may have multiple answers depending on the time of day and the latest rejection letter. But figuring out whether or not you’re a real, live writer doesn’t have to be terribly complicated. If any of the signs below apply, you just might be a writer.


  1. You love to write. You write messages to go along with greeting cards because they just don’t quite say it the right way. You can often be found leaving little notes around for others.


  1. You have something to say. Not all writers have something to say, mind you, but the good ones do. You have thoughts, ideas, and stories to share. Please note this may not always be clear and may take some time to find.


  1. You like to read. It’s not a prerequisite to being a writer, but enjoying reading does show an appreciation for the thoughts, ideas, and stories of others. They inspire, and the true writer can take their appreciation of a good book into their own work making it better and helping it grow.


  1. You see stories and meaning in the smallest of things. Does your mind wander sometimes when people are talking to you? Do you see a butterfly land on your car and think of things like love, hope, or starting over? Does your imagination keep dull days from draining you? This might surprise you, but not everybody thinks that way. Finding meaning in things that others overlook can be a sign you should be a writer.


  1. You can’t stop. If you can put away the keyboard and never write again or silence the words swirling in your head, then writing may not be for you. True writers must write. It’s like breathing air, and although they can take a break from it, then can never totally walk away.


This list isn’t definitive, but maybe it will give you some assurance. One of the most wasteful things a writer can do is spend time wondering if they’re a writer instead of actually writing.

You might be a writer


Intriguing Stories and Messages that Matter

Stories that take readers on a great ride are hard to come by.


Taberah-Press WaterMost novels offer more than just simple entertainment. Maybe it’s only the hint of something like a general dislike of orks or a curiosity about vampires. Whatever it is, it’s not mindless. It’s a theme or a plot twist that takes you to a deeper place and makes you think. That’s the kind of something Taberah Press is looking for. Finding a story that takes you not just to another world, but deeper within your own world to discover who you are, who you want to be, and the reality that you’re not God. This is what Taberah Press works to accomplish for its readers.


It’s the uncovering of truth in the realm of character and seeing it in our own lives that makes reading a novel more than just passive entertainment. Books can initiate change and be building blocks in the wall of life. Those make-believe places can show us things that are sometimes hard to see in the real world. Have you ever read a book that stayed with you for a while? Or heard a story that challenged something you thought you knew? Books can do that.


Taberah Press looks for more than just good stories. We are ever on the lookout for the story.  The story that brings to life something so intangible it takes 300 pages to grasp it. Great novels do that. They make sense of something. They are sneaky teachers using metaphors and character development and all kinds of devices to lead you somewhere better than where you were before.


Won’t you join us in our journey to bring the world intriguing stories with messages that matter?